Palm Academy Curriculum

Palm Academy Books

In general, the Palm Academy curriculum is individualized and competency-based.

It follows that of Coronado High School with the exceptions of most Honors/AP courses, laboratory sciences, and physical education. Students who complete the graduation requirements and meet the district's minimum competencies will be awarded a Coronado Unified School District Diploma.

Students must earn a minimum of two hundred twenty (220) credits to be eligible for graduation from Palm Academy. Students receive five (5) credits per semester for each course successfully completed. The credits needed for graduation are:

  • English = 40
  • Mathematics = 30
  • Science = 20
  • Health = 5
  • Social Studies = 40
  • Fine Arts or Foreign Language = 10
  • Practical Arts = 10
  • Electives = 65
  • Total = 220

Monitoring Progress Monitoring Progress

There will be individual conferences with each student and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) at the time of enrollment and as needed each semester.

The purpose of these meetings is to review high school progress, determine placement, and outline the student's individual program and semester contracts.

The Palm Academy staff will review student progress every six weeks during the school year. Parents will also be contacted frequently. Grades and credits earned will be determined twice a year and a report will be mailed home. In addition, parents may request written reports at any time. A mid-year conference will be held with each student to determine if the student's individual program is on target or whether it needs to be modified for the second semester.