Palm Academy: Our Mission and Vision

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Our Mission Palm Academy: Our Mission

It is the mission of Palm Academy to promote social, emotional, and academic skill development for all learners. We provide a broadOur focus is on the nees of the whole learner including different learning styles and environments, self paces instruction, character education and service learning. spectrum of educational options to ensure each student has ample opportunities to achieve success.

We promote physical and emotional well being, creativity, citizenship and employability. Our focus is on the needs of the whole learner: including different learning styles and environments, self-paced instruction, character education and service learning.

Our Vision Palm Academy: Our Vision

The staff of Palm Academy will create a student-centered learning environment that serves to direct and support growth. We will enable students to prepare for their future by aiding in the development of skills, knowledge, and the confidence necessary for every student to seek a meaningful life as an individual and as a productive member of the community. We will provide the tools, the leadership, and the encouragement for students to develop:

  • Critical thinking skills
  • The ability to seek, process, and clarify information
  • Problem-solving skills and cooperative learning
  • A fundamental knowledge of reading, writing and math
  • An enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • A sense of clear direction through career guidance, training in job skills and on the job work experience
  • Character, self-esteem, and integrity to mature into well-rounded individuals
  • A sense of emotional and physical well-being
  • A sense of responsibility and commitment to the community